Nail Art Tutorial: Pastel Flower Nails

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It’s not too soon to start playing with your pastels! Nail tech Kelly Shenton shows how she got this dainty floral design step by step.

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1. Apply 2 coats of CND Shellac Lilac Longing and set each coat under lamp. Apply Gelish Top It Off and cure under lamp.

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2. Use any desired size dotting tool to dot with Shellac Sun Bleached (from Open Road), then seal with Top It Off.

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3. Using two coats of Gelish You’re So Sweet, You’re Giving Me Toothache, paint a French tip. Cure with Gelish Top It Off; wipe.

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4. Stripe French part of tip with Shellac Lilac Longing. Cure under lamp.

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5. Using Shellac Hot Pop Pink and a dotting tool to make 3 misshapen circles along the smile; cure. This is the rose base.

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6. Add thin lines through the rose base color using You’re So Sweet, You’re Giving Me Toothache. For leaves, use Model’s Own nail pen. Cure under lamp, apply Gelish Top It Off, cure, and then wipe.

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7. Middle finger: I used Syster 013. Apply 2 coats, cure individually, apply little cloud-like shape with Gelish Sleek White; cure.

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8. Dot around each cloud shape using Sleek White. Cure. Apply top coat, cure, and wipe.

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9. For the center of the cloud shapes use You’re So Sweet, You’re Giving Me Toothache as the rose’s base and cure.

10.  Using Shellac Wildfire, draw lines on the rose base. Using a fine brush, draw a V-shape on the edge of roses, cure, finish with Gelish Top It Off.


11. Index finger: I used 2 coats, cured individually, with Shellac Mint Convertible.

12. Using a striping brush, gently brush 4 stripes of each color. I used Shellac Hot Pop Pink, Sun Bleached, Lilac Longing, and Model’s Own Pastel Blue nail art pen. Cure under lamp; add Gelish Top It Off and wipe.

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13. Thumb: I used 2 coats of Shellac Sun Bleached. I then used a striping brush to draw 2 thick lines of Shellac Cream Puff down the nail. Cure.

14. Dot Hot Pop Pink down panels of white stripes. Cure.

15.  Using a fine brush, add slight strokes through the rose base using Gelish You’re So Sweet, You’re Giving Me Toothache. Around the edge of the rose, use the Model’s Own Green nail art pen, making V-like shapes.

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16. Finally apply Gelish Top It Off. Cure and wipe. Done!!

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Design and images by Kelly Shenton
Plymouth, UK
La Beau Nail Studio

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