Nail Art Tutorial: Leopard Print French Manicure

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Create fierce designs with gel – and don’t hesitate to mix and match them with beads, bows, and other accessories! Learn how to create these nails from New York City’s Yukie Beauty Spa.

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Supplies needed:

  • Bio Sculpture Gel
  • Acrylic paints
  • Swarovski crystals
  • Gold chains
  • Studs
  • Acrylic color powder
  • Japanese art brushes

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Step 1: We are going to sculpt a ribbon using colored acrylic powder. Spread the mixture into a thin rectangle using your brush.

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Step 2: Mold it into a ribbon with your fingers before the acrylic board gets too hard.

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Step 3: Pinch the middle and pull out to create the ribbon shape.

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Step 4: Using black acrylic paint, draw a detailed lace pattern on the ribbon.

Step 5: Paint a reverse French using beige color gel. Designs that are clear toward the bottom are popular because it’s harder to tell when they grow out.

Step 6: Paint the tip using a black gel color to create a double French.

Step 7: On the beige portion of the double French, use acrylic paint to create a leopard print base. (Use lots of paint and draw in a random pattern.)

Step 8: Glue a metallic ball chain onto the reverse French border.

Step 9: Place the ribbon from earlier on the nail. Quick Tip: By using a tiny bit of acrylic powder and liquid mixed with a brush under the ribbon before it dries out, the piece will stay longer than if it were simply glued on.

Step 10: The finished product.

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You can find Yukie Beauty Spa on the web:
Facebook: Hearts New York Salon & Yukie Beauty Spa
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[Courtesy of Yukie Beauty Spa]


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