The GelBottle Inc. Launches E-Foot File

F-Foot File
F-Foot File
Courtesy of The GelBottle

The GelBottle Inc. has released its E-Foot File that effectively buffs the skin without the need for soaking, using blades or hand-filing.

The E-Foot File provides ultimate comfort for both you and your client. Grit 60, emery-buffing discs and easy-to-control speeds up to 500 RPM ensure calluses and hard skin are removed to reveal baby-smooth, perfected skin in minimal time with minimal effort. 

Benefits of the E-Foot File 

  • Industry-leading hygiene standard
  • Multispeed
  • Quiet motor
  • Safe, simple usage
  • Fast and efficient
  • Lightweight and ergonomic—say goodbye to the days of rigorous manual buffing
  • Superior comfort
  • Adjustable speed controls, up to 500 RPM
  • A 360-degree rotating disc effortlessly adapts to foot contours
  • Remarkably quiet motor
  • Elegant, pearlescent design
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