Why MANIPro Original 2.0 is a Must-Have for E-File Beginners

The upgraded version of KUPA Inc.'s classic e-file is an ideal choice for e-file beginners, especially students.

The MANIPro Original 2.0, courtesy of KUPA Inc.
The MANIPro Original 2.0, courtesy of KUPA Inc.

KUPA Inc. has launched an upgraded version of its classic e-file.

According to the company, the revamped MANIPRO Original 2.0 is ideal for e-file beginners, especially students, because of its affordable price point, enhanced handpiece and control box.

Upgrades to the model include:

  • A variable speed indicator
  • Digital touch operating direction
  • A lock and unlock function for decreased vibration
  • An acetone-resistant finish
  • A space-saving built-in cradle for the handpiece
  • Speeds up to 30,000 RPM

The KUPA MANIPro Original 2.0 retails for $174.95 at kupainc.com

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