Why an English Garden Party Is the Ideal Aesthetic for Winter 2021

Courtesy of Erdem Moralioglu
Courtesy of Erdem Moralioglu

Nobody quite does floral prints and lace like fashion designer Erdem Moralioglu. His eponymous label bottles the essence of a secret English garden party—all lush brocades, delicate lacework and odd mishmashes of patterns that retain an old-world feel yet still present as totally modern. Though the Erdem woman may prefer a stiff collar and long sleeve, she rebels with keyhole cutouts, revealing sheer tulle and strategically placed embroidery. It is this irreverent take on what might otherwise be considered stuffy and overly feminine that makes duping the looks on nails exquisitely fun. Guest artist Kayla Wakayama blended her love of detailed hand painting with 3D elements, from hand-sculpted lacy florals to strings of pearl bullion, to transform the tactile ornateness of Erdem’s darkly romantic designs into stunning nail art.

About the Artist

Native Hawaiian nail artist Kayla Wakayama specializes in natural nails and hand-painted nail art. With 13 years under her belt, she recently opened Seattle-based Opal Nail Studio that focuses on a nontoxic approach to nail care and wellness.

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