What's Your Vibe? Aura Nails Trending on Instagram

@1.800.nailme / via Instagram
@1.800.nailme / via Instagram

The newest nail trend on Instagram is emitting some good vibes.

Aura nails are meant to portray the levels of an energy field that surrounds a person's body. Much like an individual's aura, nail artists have shared utterly unique nail looks that radiate the energy needed to be one of spring and summer 2021's biggest trends. From mile-long extensions to negative space metallic manicures, aura nails can be rocked in a variety of ways. 

Looking for some inspiration? Check out these five looks. And remember, good vibes only. 

1. @nailedbytav

2. @nailedbylaurie

3. @1.800.nailme

4. @1.800.nailme

5. @itsnaildinperris

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