5 Festive Nail Looks Winning on Instagram

@nailsby_prince.le / via Instagram
@nailsby_prince.le / via Instagram

Nail artists on Instagram kicked off December on a festive note. From perfect plaid nails to a chic skinny french mani to an adorable Dumbo set, these five looks have us dreaming of a white Christmas. 

On @nailpromagazine, we love to show some love to the nail artists showcasing their stunning creations; this week we rounded up the top five Instagram posts from Nailpro's account to give you (and us!) some holiday nail envy.

1. @get_naild_

2. @nailsby_prince.le

3. @raelondonnails

4. @gemmapope_nails/

5. @rainbowrebel.dk

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