Polished Look: Nail Art Inspired by Plaids and Stripes

Polished Look NP418

Why stick to one plaid print when you can combine two—or even three? Many designers steered clear of clashing prints this season by marrying disparate checkered patterns in similar color schemes (witness Burberry and Hermès)—a choice that makes the marriage more palatable. At Fendi, the addition of texture elevated plaid differentiation: A fuzzy checkered fur coat flapped open to reveal a sleek pencil skirt and tights, both sporting unique grid patterns. Pushing the visual envelope a step further, designer Prabal Gurung draped sheer striped silk over a dress’s checkered under-layer to create a complex patchwork of its own. For nails, merging two plaid patterns, like guest artist Danalynn Stockwood does on a sharp stiletto, demands a longer tip for maximum impact. Smaller nail beds can benefit from tying two textures together for the nail design, like texture stripes side-by-side with glistening tape.

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-Karie L. Frost

This article was first published in the April 2018 issue of NAILPRO

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