Beyoncé’s Game-Changing Superbowl Manicure

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Beyoncé’s outstanding halftime performance at the Superbowl was matched by the phenomenal Minx nail art worn by her and her ten backup dancers. The shiny chevron striped gold coating that Beyoncé wore on game day was actually applied a week before the event by celebrity manicurist Lisa Logan so the performers could film the special holographic effects that would be used during the spectacle. To match the singer’s manicure and make it appear as if Beyoncé had multiple arms, Logan carefully applied two gold Minx coatings to each of the dancers’ extremely long nails (shown below). The result dazzled millions of viewers and even put the popstar in the running for one of the best halftime shows ever.

1 27 2013 Backup Dancer With Gold Chevron Minx Applied And Photographed By Lisa Logan For Video Superbowl Hologram Stage Component

[Images: Minx, Inc.; Lisa Logan]

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