Celebrity Nails: Beyonce’s 2013 Presidential Inauguration Nails

Celebrity Nails: Beyonce

Celebrity nail artist Lisa Logan tells Nailpro about her experience doing Beyonce’s nails for the 2013 Presidential Inauguration. While Logan, had to work fast and only had a limited amount of time to do the star’s nails, “The final product made history,” says Logan.
Usually when Logan works with celebrities, she sets up a color selection of what she thinks the stars would gravitate towards. For this occasion Logan kept in mind the main event and brought products that would be appropriate for a classy and regal nail look. However, Beyonce didn’t even need to look at the colors Logan had set up for her because she already knew exactly what she wanted! Beyonce said, “I want orange,” and Logan responded, “Orange it is.”
“I think Beyonce just changed the game only because the designated color this year was green. I think she just shifted that,” Logan comments.
[Image: Mark Wilson/Getty Images News]

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