The Making of NAILPRO August 2017 Chic French Cover Nails

nailpro august 2017a woman with french tip nails

In the height of summer, when temperatures are scorching, sometimes it’s best to pare down—clothes and beauty options. But simplified doesn’t have to mean boring. We tapped veteran nail tech Denise Bourne to craft a modern set of pink-and-whites for our cover. That means a what’s-old-is-new-again squared off shape, matte finish and hint of color and shine thanks to a spattering of embellishments. This versatile look is fit for any client looking to jazz up an old favorite or take a break from a more-is-more approach to nail art.

nailpro august 2017nail professional paints base coat on nail

1. Bourne began by fitting full-coverage tips to extend the length of the model’s nails. Then, she applied base coat.

nailpro august 2017nail professional paints nude nail polish on nail

2. When working with polish, Bourne likes to begin the application with a skinny striper brush, using it to outline the cuticle area for a precise border. Then, she goes in with the bottle brush to finish polishing.   

nailpro august 2017nail professional paints nude nail polish on nail

3. To achieve the desired shade of pink, Bourne combined two neutral shades to get the right coverage and color tone to match the model’s skin.

nailpro august 2017nail professional paints a french tip on a nail

4. Using a striper brush, Bourne painted the outline of the white tip.

nailpro august 2017nail professional paints nude nail polish and white nail polish

5. Then, she used the bottle brush to fill in the space on the free edge.

nailpro august 2017

6. Once the polish was completely dry, Bourne applied matte top coat. To finish, she adhered matte hot pink and silver studs and rhinestones with gel for subtle color and shine.

nailpro august 2017a photo of a manicure with french tip

Cover credits: 

Nails: Denise Bourne

Photography: Angela Marklew

Makeup: Harriet Hadfield

Hair: Victor Mendoza

Watch the cover come to life in the video below:

-Stephanie Yaggy Lavery 

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