Nail Art How To: Sparkling Glitter Nails


Capture the contrasting beauty of glitter and grey with this spirited design by Georgie of Distinct Nails (@distinctnails). Using gels and sunset inspired colored glitter, this look will leave your client’s hands looking chic and bright. See the salon’s step by step tutorial for the look.



Supplies Needed:

image1 2

  • Artistic Nail Prep
  • Artistic Opening Act
  • Artistic Rock Hard in Groupie
  • Artistic Rock Hard in Get Bent Nail Forms
  • Artistic Rock Hard – Hardcore Clear LED gel
  • Artistic Oval Gel Brush
  • Angel Paper
  • Pink, Rose Gold and Orange Glitter
  • Artistic pro 30 LED lamp
  • 180/180 files
  • White Block
  • Artistic Colour Gloss in Temperamental
  • Artistic Rock Hard in Headliner
  • IBD Gel Mattify
  • Artistic Revive Cuticle Oil
Step 1: Prep the nails.
Step 2: Put the forms on all fingers and apply the Groupie Base Coat.
Step 3: Build the extension off the natural nail, making sure it is thin.
Step 4: Build the extension on all nails to look like this:
Step 5: Cut tiny shards off the Angel Paper.
Step 6: Put a thin layer of gel onto the nails you want to apply the Angel Paper to, arrange them how you want and cure.
image8 smaller
Step 7: Put another thin layer and apply glitter.
Step 8: Cap the whole nail with more gel and cure.
Step 9: File the nails into the shape you desire and smooth out, paying close attention to the cuticle area.
Step 10: Paint the rest of the nails with Soak Off Gel Colour in Grey.
image 12 better
Step 11: Apply Matte Top Coat to the grey nails.
Step 12: Add the Headliner Gel Top Coat to the glitter nails, cure again, cleanse all the nails then apply cuticle oil.
Step 13: Voila!
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