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Alexandra Molnar welcomes Nailpro to Obsessed W/ Colors Nail Studio in Walnut Creek, CA.
Alexandra Molnar welcomes Nailpro to Obsessed W/ Colors Nail Studio in Walnut Creek, CA.
Courtesy of Alexandra Molnar

Alexandra Molnar welcomes Nailpro to Obsessed W/ Colors Nail Studio in Walnut Creek, CA.

The Backstory 

This is my second time starting my own business from scratch. I had a successful nail career back in Hungary where I’m from. I’ve gained my loyal clientele pretty quickly, despite being a beginner back then. I was running a very successful business for over six years, co-renting a retail space with another nail technician, so working in a private setting isn’t new to me. After moving to the United States, I had to take a break from working, but I never stopped creating nails. I’ve really missed working with clients and creating a wide variety of nails for them, so when the time was right, I did not hesitate to start over and open my new salon, called Obsessed W/ Colors Nail Studio.

The Look 

I would call my aesthetic elegant and cozy. I really wanted to create a space that is inviting for my clients and, at the same time, inspires me to create. I’ve always liked dark walls and darker colors in general. When I found the space, it already had the greenish walls, so it was perfect, since I would have painted the walls to something similar anyway. I knew that I would like an accent wall to place my trophies in front of, so I made the boldest decision and chose black, since it goes well with both gold and green. I’m so happy that I did because I get compliments daily about the vibe of my salon.

Signature Services 

I provide all types of nail enhancements using various products. I’ve decided to not niche down because I truly believe that we as professionals need to find the best method and product for our clients. Sometimes one particular solution isn’t working for a client, and since I offer multiple options, I can choose an alternative to achieve the desired look for them. Recently, I really like doing structured manicures with soft gels. I like it especially for clients with sensitive cuticles, since I can create the structure without finish filing the nails afterward.

The Goods 'I would call my aesthetic elegant and cozy. I really wanted to create a space that is inviting for my clients and, at the same time, inspires me to create.'"I would call my aesthetic elegant and cozy. I really wanted to create a space that is inviting for my clients and, at the same time, inspires me to create."Courtesy of Alexandra Molnar

I’m quite picky when it comes to choosing products, so you can find a lot of different brands in my salon. I try to find the ones that work best with my style of work. Whenever I purchase something new, I always try it on myself first, just to have a feel of the characteristics of the product. I have a lot of favorites, so picking one is just not possible.

Social Butterfly 

I have an Instagram account as well as a Facebook page. I really like posting before and after shots of my work because it’s so important to see how the nails look after 3-5 weeks of wear. I had a couple clients who booked with me because they saw one of my before shots. Besides these I also share educational content, since I feel like there is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding the nail industry, and, most of the time, clients get confused by the different terminologies.

What's Next?

My main goal is to build my clientele this year and participate in a couple competitions in the second half of the year. I really want to start my teaching journey. I plan on launching online educational courses because I feel like my knowledge would be beneficial for other professionals in the industry.


Owner: Alexandra Molnar 

Est: September 2023 

Up Close with Alexandra Molnar 

What was your first job in the nail industry?

Right after nail school I’ve started to rent a table in a smaller salon where an esthetician and a hairdresser was already working. I quickly realized that that salon was not my call, so I left. In a year long break, I was attending various nail courses to widen my knowledge before I would start working with more clients. I’ve then opened up my own salon with another nail technician when we’ve found a small retail space to rent.

What inspires you?

My inspiration is simply to provide the best possible service for my clients. When I see their reactions at the end of the appointment, it is very motivating. I am always amazed how even the smallest things can brighten up my clients’ day. There are so many things we as professionals can do to provide a relaxing environment and great service, so the clients’ feedback is always inspiring, and helps me do things better.

What was the most challenging thing that happened while opening your salon?

Since this was my first time opening a business in the United States, the most challenging part was to make sure I have all the right paperwork to do so and everything is done by the book. Most of the time, I felt like I kept hitting yet another brick wall, but this was only because I wasn’t familiar with the process at the beginning.

What piece of advice would you give to a new salon owner? Alexandra MolnarAlexandra MolnarCourtesy of Alexandra Molnar

Maybe be better prepared than me, and build a base clientele first. It was a little silly of me to think that I can do the same thing and get new clients quite as fast as I did in Hungary. The nail industry is so different to what I was used to, and I’m not just a new nail technician in the area, but my work and workflow is quite unique compared to what I’m seeing here. If you don’t have many clients yet, be financially prepared to take a lot more time to get to a good place.

“I can’t discuss my salon without mentioning…”

I can’t discuss my salon without mentioning the passion and love that I poured into creating my space. I really wanted to create a welcoming and relaxing environment, and based on my clients’ feedback it paid off, as they really enjoy being in my salon.

What nail looks have you seen your clientele asking for recently?

Surprisingly, I rarely do manicures with gel polish only. Most of my clients ask for a service that gives their nails strength, be it a structured manicure with soft gel or a natural nail overlay with less flexible products. I consider myself very lucky because, design-wise, my clients let me do whatever I like, even my new clients say they trust me. This is truly the best feeling.

What nail looks do you think will be trending this spring?

I think pastel colors are always on trend in spring.

You have a background as a nail competitor. What made you interested in starting to compete? What advice would you give to other nail techs who want to start competing?

I’ve always admired the competitors from far away, but I thought that I don’t have the discipline and knowledge to compete. I remember when I first saw an Edge shaped nail (created by Valentina Denisenko), I immediately knew that I want to learn sculpting that shape. In my opinion Edge nails are one of the most technically challenging shapes, so, of course, I wanted to learn it. I was just practicing and practicing on myself, then I saw that the most prestigious nail competition in Hungary was advertising an Edge sculpting category. I didn’t blink twice, and I signed up to compete. That was my first win. I discovered that I really enjoy the adrenaline that comes with competing because you only have the given time to create your best.

The advice I would give to other nail technicians: Just try it if you’re interested in competing. Don’t hesitate. Also, always read the competition rules, and don’t be afraid to ask the organizers if something is not clear.

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