10 Tips for Building Client Trust and Loyalty

Check out these 10 tips for building client trust and loyalty from nail professionals.
Check out these 10 tips for building client trust and loyalty from nail professionals.
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We all strive to satisfy our clients, but do satisfied customers equate to loyal ones? What are the best ways to gain trusting and loyal clients?

Read on to find out, as nail professionals share their advice on building client trust and loyalty.

1. Share Your Knowledge

“Client trust comes from sharing your knowledge. Explain to your clients procedures, safety, salon sanitation, why you use certain products and equipment and how to take care of their nails at home. This demonstrates your knowledge and that you care about your clients and their needs, which, in turn, builds loyalty.”

—Rhonda Kibuk, salon owner, The Purple Pinkie Nail Salon in Kittanning, Pennsylvania

2. Get to Know Your Clients

“Each client has different necessities. I like to get to know mine, so I can offer what’s best for their lifestyle. Open communication and patience are critical.”

—Andrea Lugo, nail technician in Fort Myers, Florida

3. Show Your Clients You Care

“I think the biggest way to build trust and loyalty is to let yout clients know you actually care about them and they’re not just a paycheck to you. When I was in beauty school, the best advice I ever received was from a teacher who said to treat every client like they’re your mom or sister. Every person giving you their money has earned it and chosen to give it to you. They are in your chair to do something nice for themselves. Once you get out of the ‘I’m at work, and this is a transaction’ mindset, your clients really notice. That way you’ll get to know them and what they like.”

—Jess Alexander, celebrity nail artist and TikTok content creator

4. Educate Clients on Nail Health

“I’ve been in the nail industry for a short five years compared to other nail artists; however, I’ve always stressed the importance of home care, nail health and education. I’ve worked in salons that didn’t emphasize nail health and home care or mention them at all. In some environments, the main focus is the company’s bottom line. I believe profits always matter to businesses, but profits shouldn’t come at the sacrifice of client education and advocating for healthy nails.”

—Audrey Smith, nail technician at Salon Willow in Waukesha, Wisconsin

5. Know the Latest Trends

“Another way to build loyalty is to have the newest products for trends on hand, so you can reproduce any design your clients show you. I have 11 clients who have been with me my entire 21-year career.”

—Rhonda Kibuk, salon owner, The Purple Pinkie Nail Salon in Kittanning, Pennsylvania

6. Always Keep Clients in Mind

“Remember the certain treatments and colors your clients prefer. How nice would it be to go to a salon and have your nail technician say, “We just got this new shade of red that you’d love!” It’s simple, but treating people as humans will really get you far.”

—Jess Alexander, celebrity nail artist and TikTok content creator

7. Be Open and Transparent

“I’ve always been open and transparent with my clients. I do not like drama, and my clients are in line with this, so we are perfect matches. One becomes a beacon of vulnerability in this line of work, especially in private studios. My clients know my studio is a safe place. If they confide in me, they know it stays right there.”

—Jenny Guthrie, nail artist and content creator (The Nail Chef) in Claremont, California

8. Offer Discounts and Incentives

“I would offer a discount for referrals. Typically, I would take $5 to $10 off the service for my client who referred their friend and for the friend who was referred. That worked as a good incentive for a lot of people.”

—Jess Alexander, celebrity nail artist and TikTok content creator

“I started out offering free repairs if my clients’ nails were damaged within the first two weeks.”

—Nakeitha Page, nail technician at Nailbasix Studio in Burlington, North Carolina

9. Go the Extra Distance for Regular Clients

“Anytime one of my clients gets married, I do their wedding nails for free. I don’t advertise this, and they’re always surprised. I also create special handmade ornaments for my regular clients each Christmas. Some of my clients have undergone cancer treatments throughout the years, and I’ve never charged them. I told them that people anonymously put money on their account. It’s a way to make them feel good about themselves while they fight a hard battle.”

—Rhonda Kibuk, salon owner, The Purple Pinkie Salon in Kittanning, Pennsylvania

10. Stay Consistent and Trustworthy

“I’ve gained most of my clients by being consistent and reliable when their nails need maintenance, and they need to talk. What happens at the nail table stays at the nail table. You’ll gain your clients’ trust if you truly love what you do because it will show. Even though I’ve gotten to know my clients personally over the last six years, I still maintain that professional relationship as well.”

— Victoria Monroe, nail technician

About the Author: Marcia Travelstead is a former nail technician and a freelance writer who resides in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is a longtime and regular Nailpro contributor.

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