Introducing NAILPRO Educator Jose Cordova

Jose Cordova

Jose Cordova, known as the Nail Onyx, began doing nails as a sophomore in high school with no experience. “I learned how to do nails from old magazines and the few articles I would find online, having never seen how nails were actually done,” says Cordova. “I practiced on my friends and family. At first, nails weren’t my passion, but because my mom liked getting her nails done, I thought it would be a good idea for me to learn.”

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After graduation. Cordova attended culinary school and graduated as a pastry chef. “I found myself in and out of jobs, always feeling unhappy,” he says.

In 2016, Cordova attended cosmetology school, and soon after graduating, realized hair wasn’t his full-time calling.

“I went back to nails, because it felt familiar. Little by little, my passion grew. I fell in love with the fact that every day was different. I got to network while also expressing my creativity,” says Cordova. “My passion grows with every passing day. The joy I see in my clients’ faces every time they look at their nails is what keeps me going.”

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