Introducing NAILPRO Educator Rebecca Ludwig

Rebecca Bernard

Orlando, Florida-based nail artist Rebecca Ludwig started her nail journey only three years ago. “To be completely honest, I had no intentions of doing nails,” says the The GelBottle Inc. artist. “I originally attended school for skincare but am so happy that I changed my mind.”

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Ludwig hand paints all of her nail designs, specializing in cartoon characters, which she practices on her husband. “It has been a journey trying to make a name for myself in such a saturated industry, but with hard work, anything is possible,” says Ludwig. “I dream of working runway shows and making crazy press-on sets for editorial shoots and campaigns.”

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When she isn’t painting tiny canvases, you can find her browsing her local plant nursery, discovering new eats in town with her husband or hanging out anywhere with cats—if you’re lucky, maybe even all three scenarios at once.

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