Mani Monday: Patriotic Nails to Wear to the Voting Booth


Get clients ready for Election Day 2020 with a patriotic nail look using EzFlow TruDIP! Nail artist Hoang “Lefty” Nguyen gives a step-by-step guide on how to create this star-spangled look and shares some pro tips for a flawless execution!

Step One: Prep the client’s nail and apply TruDIP Base to 3/4 of the nail then dip into a dipping dish with TruDIP in Clear. Brush off excess powder then apply TruDIP Base on the entire nail and dip into French White.

EZ_TruDIP_Stars-and-Stripes_Step1EzFlow TruDIP Step One

Step Two: Paint a square field with TruDIP Base on the top left corner of the nail, at the cuticle. Then, dip nail into a dipping dish containing Boozy Blue.

EZ_TruDIP_Stars-and-Stripes_Step2EzFlow TruDIP Step Two

Step Three: Using an EzFlow Nail Art Detailing Brush, paint stars with TruDIP Base inside of the Boozy Blue square, then dip into a dipping tray with French White.

EZ_TruDIP_Stars-and-Stripes_Step3EzFlow TruDIP Step Three

Step Four: Use the Nail Art Detailing Brush with TruDIP Base to paint flag strips across the exposed French White and immediately dip into a dipping tray containing the shade Roxanne. To make the flag stripes sharper, paint in between the red stripes with TruDIP Base and immediately dip into a separate tray with French White.

EZ_TruDIP_Stars-and-Stripes_Step4EzFlow TruDIP Step Four

Step Five: Apply TruDIP Base on the entire nail, immediately dip into a try containing Clear. Apply TruDIP Activate then file and shape the nail. Reapply TruDIP Base and be sure to wipe the nail using EzFlow nail wipes before topping the look off with two coats of TruDIP Seal for a shiny finish.

EZ_TruDIP_Stars-and-Stripes_Step5EzFlow TruDIP Step Five

Pro tips for a flawless finish:

*Always brush off excess dipping powder between steps.

*Be sure to keep brush clean by using TruDIP Brush Cleaner after each detailing art step.


What do you think of this all-American look? Let us know in the comments below!

[Images courtesy of EzFlow]

–Dina Ciccarelli

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