How To Apply Nail Forms With Kupa

Kupa Nail Form Tutorial

Not all nail shapes are created equal and when it comes to applying forms, each shape requires a different approach. “The nail form is the base of making nails,” says Kupa educator Ann Chang in the brand’s new video tutorial, where she shares how to apply nail forms to sculpt the best for square, almond, ballerina and stiletto nails. Patience and practice are key to mastering the art of fitting and shaping forms, according to Chang. Here, we share some of the educator’s top tips (no pun intended) to great forms. 

1. When you hold the form down, don’t pinch or secure. Just let it loose and pinch just enough to create the curve. 

Kupa Nail Form Tutorial 1

2. Use the hyponychium and the sidewalls as reference points when cutting the form to fit the nail.

Kupa Nail Form Tutorial 2

3. To ensure symmetry, anchor down the front tab away from the nail.

Kupa Nail Form Tutorial 3

4. When the form is on the nail, make sure you pull the tab underneath the nails so that it is tight and secure along the back to the front. 

Kupa Nail Form Tutorial 4

5. For a square nail, make sure the nail runs straight out from the nail to the form; it shouldn’t angle up or down.

Kupa Nail Form Tutorial 5

6. For an almond, ballerina or stiletto nail, tilt the form slightly downwards.

Kupa Nail Form Tutorial 6

7. Pinch the top of the form at roughly 45 degrees and make sure the tip is pointy.

Kupa Nail Form Tutorial 7

8. From the top view, when you close the tab, there should be no space between the tabs. 

Kupa Nail Form Tutorial 8

9. Look at how flat the nail runs consistently to the form.

Kupa Nail Form Tutorial 9

10. Everything needs to be straight and taper to a point; there should be no gaps.

Kupa Nail Form Tutorial 10

Watch the full video for all of Chang’s tips below:

What do you think of this tutorial for properly applying forms? Let us know in the comments and if you have any tips of your own!

[Images: Kupa]

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