3 Tips to Make Polish Last 3 Times Longer

13890433780_668fbfc0dd_kWhen you give clients a quality manicure that doesn’t chip, they’re more likely to return to you next time they need a good polish job. Aside from using quality products and applying lacquer in thin layers, here are three tips you can utilize to make manicures last up to three times longer from Debbie Cohn of Catalina’s Skin & Body in Sonoma, CA:

1.) “After the massage step of my natural nail manicure, I use an orangewood stick wrapped in cotton to wipe the nail plate with polish remover.

2.) “Then I apply a dehydrator or a sticky, acid-free primer to the nail plate.

3.) “Next, I use base coat, polish as usual and apply top coat.


[Image: chloemiriam via Flickr]

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