Nail Art Tutorial: Gypsy Maze

Gypsey Maze Final2

This simple step-by-step tutorial from Caption Polish will allow you to make chic, geometric nail art quickly and easily. Though their nails will be an intricate maze, your clients will feel like free birds during their summer of road trips and music festivals.









Products you’ll need:

GypsymazeStep 1. Cleanse the nails of any dust or oil.
Step 2. Use the Base Coat as the foundation to your manicure. Polish a single thin coat on the nails of both hands.
Step 3. Use Come Up For Air to polish a single thin coat on the nails of both hands. Apply a second thin coat of the same color. Allow to dry.
Step 4. Take Look Don’t Touch and take a small art brush to paint pyramid shapes, or use your favorite geometric patterned nail art stamp. Allow to dry.
Step 5. With the Top Coat to polish a single thin coat on all nails. Allow to dry for two minutes.
*To accelerate drying time, use Caption DRYING DROPS. Apply 1-2 drops per nail after allowing the Top Coat to dry as instructed above.

[Images: Caption Polish]

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