Nail Art Tutorial: Lifelike Gel Butterflies


Nail Art Tutorial: Lifelike Gel Butterflies

With spring just about to hit, it’s time to start looking for fresh and unique nail art for you clients. To help you out in your quest, nail artist Jana Duzanec shows how to create amazingly lifelike, blue butterfly nail art in this step-by-step guide. Utilizing negative space and shimmering rhinestones, the butterflies in this nail art are both eye-catching and elegant.

1. Build the square nail as usual with cover builder gel.

1b 42. With blue and green, draw wings for the butterfly – one big and one small. Cure it for only 5-10 sec in UV lamp.

2b3. Add white gel and mix it with colors from the butterfly to achieve highlights. Cure for 5-10 sec .


4. With black gel, contour the outside of the wings, and then blend it into your colors slightly. Create very thin lines on the wings. Cure again in UV lamp for 5-10 sec.

4b 25. With a thin, synthetic brush and black gel, outline the butterfly and and add in more contrast. Fill in the body of the butterfly and all around with a very small amount of black gel to make the shadows to look like 3-D.

5b6. Add one more thicker line with black gel connecting the two butterflies, then blend a little bit with your dark blue gel. Cure for two minutes.


7. Add some blue and green Swarovski crystals and top gel. Cure and wipe away the inhibition layer.
7b 2
Jana used products from Jet Set Beauty and Eurofashion Exclusive.

See Jana’s work online:

[Images: Jana Duzanec]

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