Nail Art Tutorial: 50 Shades of Grey Manicure

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Just in time for the movie release, MARS the Salon in Los Angeles demonstrates how to get the perfect 50 Shades of Grey manicure to fulfill your wildest manicure fantasies.

1. Apply a base coat to all nails.2 212. Apply Essie Loophole silver nail polish on the thumb.
3. Apply Butter London matte black on the index finger.
4. Apply Essie Cocktail Bling light gray nail polish on the middle
5. Apply Essie Waltz pearl white nail polish on the ring finger.
6. Apply OPI So Elegant on the pinky finger.

3 17. Using a thin paintbrush, draw the shape of a mask with Essie Devil’s
Advocate on the thumb.

3 24 18. Using Essie Loophole and a new thin paintbrush, draw outer lines.

5 29. Using Essie Loophole and a thin needle, draw handcuffs on the index

6 110. Attach 2 crystal stones on the handcuffs using nail art glue and a

7 2
11. Apply Essie Devil’s Advocate on top of the Essie Cocktail Bling.
Using a toothpick, draw a plaid pattern before the black nail polish dries.

8 112. Using Essie Devil’s Advocate and a thin paintbrush draw a tie-like
shape on the ring finger. Fill it in.

9 413. Using Loophole and a toothpick, draw stripes on the tie shape.

10 314. Using Essie Loophole and a new toothpick, draw diagonal lines on
the pinky finger.

11 415. Using the same color and toothpick draw diagonal lines in the
opposite direction of the previous lines on the pinky finger.
16. Apply a top coat, except on the middle finger.

12 217. Using a matte finish from OPI, apply a top coat to the middle finger.

[Images: MARS the Salon]

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