Nail Art Tutorial: Pale Petals

Pale Petals Final

Keep your clientele happy all spring long with some sculpted 3-D art using CND acrylic! Make it uber-feminine by spacing out bits and pieces of different sized-flowers across the nail. Here’s how: »

1.  Apply a thin base layer of RETENTION+ Liquid and Perfect Color Warm Pink Opaque Powder and finish with the 180 side of the Hot Shot File.

Pale Petals 12.  Apply a layer of BRISA Gloss. Cure for two minutes in the CND UV Lamp. Remove top film with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.

Pale Petals 2

3. Mix 3 parts Perfect Color Powder Warm Pink Opaque and 1 part Additives Nectar Glaze to create a Peach Powder. Create the outer petals with RETENTION+ Liquid and Peach Powder.

Pale Petals 34. Create remaining petals by dipping first into Peach Powder to create a bead and then dip the bead into Perfect Color Soft White Powder to create a two-tone bead.  Continue creating petals until you have the desired design.

Pale Petals Final

[Images: CND]

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