Nail Art Tutorial: Simple Slash

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Sometimes simple is best, and adding a small little detail to your nails can be the perfect way to create a chic, understated look. Angel Sanchez uses Morgan Taylor products to show us just how to add a diagonal stripe along the cuticle line of the nail, keeping it simple, but never boring.

1.    After completing your nail prep, apply a thin coat of Water Baby making sure to cover the free edge of the nail. Apply a second coat of Water Baby for full coverage.

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2.    Using a Mini Striper Brush and Nautically Inclined draw a diagonal curved line from the left cuticle to the right side of the nail plate.

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3.   With the same Mini Striper Brush and Nautically Inclined, fill in the area of the cuticle that was previously outlined. Apply a second coat of Nautically Inclined for full coverage.

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4.    Apply a thin coat of Make It Last top coat for a high gloss finish.

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[Images: Morgan Taylor Lacquer]

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