New Year’s Eve Nail Art Tutorial

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Check out this super simple New Year's nail design you can recreate for your clients!

1a 0Images from Alex Sclavos at MARS the Salon1. Paint a black “V” on the tip of thumb.

N1b2. Apply gold polish on the bottom of the thumb.  

N1d3. Paint a white “V” curved line on the tip of index finger.

N1g4. Draw a “V” curved line on the tip of the middle finger, and draw polka dots between the lines.

N1i5. Draw a black “V” curved line on the ring finger, and draw a reverse “V” between the black lines using white polish.

N1j6. Apply a gold glitter polish between the white lines.

N1l7. Draw curved “V” lines on the tip of pinky finger. Draw a “V” line with a gold glitter nail polish on the bottom of the pinky finger.

N Final8. Apply a top coat.

This tutorial was first published on Nailpro in December 2014. 

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