Nail Art Tutorial: Negative Space and Flowers

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The trend that’s happening big time: negative space. Hiroko Fujikawa, expert in Japanese nail art and owner of MARS the Salon mixed it up with some classic flowers to balance it out. Here’s how it’s done.

M11. Apply a base coat.

M1a2. Apply a white nail polish on the thumb, middle, and pinky fingers.

M1b3. Draw blue outer lines on the index and ring fingers.

M1c4. Draw two diagonal lines inside of the blue outer lines.

M1d5. Draw a centerline with blue nail polish.

M1e6. Draw diagonal lines with blue nail polish.

M1g7. Draw a half moon shape with light gray nail polish and a thin art brush.

M1h8. Draw outer lines with a light brown nail polish.

M1i9. Draw flowers with a black nail polish and a thin art brush.

M1j10. Continue the same process to draw flowers.

M1k11. Draw the same flowers on the middle and pinky fingers.

M1l12. Apply a top coat. Done!

[Images: Alex Sclavos/MARS the Salon]

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