Nail Art Tutorial: Quick Halloween Nail Art


Your client wants Halloween nail art, and you have another appointment coming up in just a few minutes. Fill both needs by trying this look from MARS the Salon – a spider web easily stretches across three tips per hand, and a small spider and bats fill out the other two. Here’s how it’s done.

1a 11.  Apply base coat.
2. Apply orange color on thumb, middle, pinky fingers.

1b 23.  Apply white and black colors and create half-moon shape on index and ring fingers.

1c 14. Apply black color on the tip of the index finger, and white color on the tip of the ring finger.

1d 25. Draw three or four lines randomly on thumb, middle and pinky fingers using thin art brush.

1e26. Draw some lines and create a spider web on thumb, middle, and ring fingers.

1f27.  Draw two small black dots and bigger dots using a dotting tool or nail art pen to create the body of a spider on your index finger.

1g28. Draw some legs for the spider.

1h29.  Draw two small white dots to create eyeballs of the spider.

1i210.   Draw two black dots inside the spider’s eyeballs.

1j211.   Draw two black oval shapes on ring finger to create the bodies of bats.

1k212.   Draw two wings of bats.

1l213.   Apply top coat. Done!

[Images: Alex Sclavos/MARS the Salon]

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