Nail Art Tutorial: Gumdrop Nails

Naranja 7 Final

If orange is a neglected shade in your collection, here’s a sweet idea! Inspired by gumdrops, celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees shows how to use Q-tips to create this design:

Step 1: Transform a Q-tips Precision Tips cotton swab into a “striper brush” by pulling cotton loose from the tip and twisting it tightly. Trim unruly ends if needed. Then, paint nails with an orange polish.

Naranja 2 FinalStep 2: Dip your Q-tips Precision Tips cotton swab “striper brush” into white nail polish and apply thin lines to the left and right sides of each nail.

Naranja 4 FinalStep 3: Using the same white polish, draw a curved line at the base of the nail to connect the two white lines.

Naranja 6 FinalStep 4: Follow with a thin layer of top coat to seal.

[Images: Q-tips]

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