Nail Art Tutorial: Tie-Dye with Shellac

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This is forecasted to be one of the summer’s hottest looks: the tie-dye nail. It’s simple, sophisticated, and can work as an accent or one all ten fingers (or toes). Two-time CND Grandmaster Melissa Guyer spills the process for getting the look with the CND Shellac system.

Img 8549Step 1: Cleanse the nail plate with CND Scrubfresh.

Img 8561Step 2: Apply CND Shellac Base Coat and cure 10 seconds.

Img 8587Step 3: Apply the first coat of CND Shellac in City Scape and cure 2 minutes.

Img 8298Step 4: Apply the second coat of CND Shellac in City Scape and cure 2 minutes.


Img 8308Step 5: Apply CND Shellac in Silver Chrome to one half of nail and cure 2 minutes.

Img 8385Step 6: Layer CND Shellac in Dark Dahlia over Silver Chrome/City Scape (do not cure).

Img 8335Step 7: Roll the end of a cotton swab between thumb and forefinger to loosen the fibers.

Img 8391Step 8: Dip cotton swab in rubbing alcohol.

Img 8404Step 9: Roll the rubbing alcohol-dipped cotton swab across CND Dark Dahlia in multi-directions to create a tie-dye look.


Img 8409Step 10: When you have created the desired look, cure for 2 minutes.

Img 8432Step 11: Apply CND Shellac Top Coat (do not cure).

Img 8471Step 12: Embellish with a gem stone at base of nail and cure top coat for 2 minutes.

Img 8533 EditStep 13: Wipe with rubbing alcohol and you have fun tie-dye nail art! ?

Nails by Melissa Guyer 
Moods Salon and Spa
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Twitter: @11polished11
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Instagram: @11polished11

[Courtesy of Melissa Guyer]

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