Nail Art Tutorial: Intricate Blue Flowers

Dsc 0289

Even if your clients aren’t looking for nails this long, you can replicate a similar design on short, square nails if desired. Click through as Emilia Dobkowska shows how this nail was created.

Dsc 0254Step 1: Prep the nail, apply the form, and use acrylic to build the nail and create a stiletto.

Dsc 0255??Step 2: Add your pink (Silcare Base One Dark Frencz Pink) to the nail plate in the shape of an egg.

Dsc 0257Step 3: With dark gel color (Silcare Base One Color Gel Navy Blue) create a smile line, then taper off the color as you go down.

Dsc 0260 0Step 4: Put a green gel (Silcare Base One Color Gel Sea Green) on the free edge and shade upwards.

Dsc 0261Step 5: Arrange and press mylar glitter into the turquoise on the free edge.

Dsc 0267Step 6: Add transparent gel (Silcare Base One Clear V).

Dsc 0268Step 7: Cleanse and then buff nail.

Dsc 0270
Dsc 0271

Dsc 0275
Dsc 0276Step 8: Create your pattern with acrylic paint.

Dsc 0289Step 9: Add a shiny gel finish with Silcare Excellent Easy Vanish, apply your colored sequins, and then apply cuticle oil. Done!


10385201 717112858330765 1994672278 NYou can find more of Emilia Dobkowska’s work online here.





[Courtesy of Emilia Dobkowska]

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