Nail Art Tutorial: Let’s Get Nautical

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Celebrate the spirit of summer with these must-have nail designs from MARS the Salon. Inspired by classic sailing symbols, owner Hiroko Fujikawa has created the “Let’s Get Nautical” manicure that embodies the sun, sand, and waves that we all crave during this time of year! See below for the step-by-step directions to the look:

1. Apply a base coat.
2. Apply a light blue nail polish to the thumb, middle, and pinky fingers.
3. Apply a white nail polish on the index and ring fingers.
4. Paint anchors with pink, orange, green, and white nail polish on the thumb.
5. Paint stripes with dark blue nail polish across the index and ring fingers.
6. Draw a sailboat with white and pink nail polish on the middle finger.
7. Draw a lifesaver with orange and white nail polish on the pinky finger. Done!

Check out MARS the Salon in West Hollywood here.

[Courtesy of MARS the Salon]

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