Nail Art Tutorial: Intricate Gold Foil Designs

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This incredible gold foil technique has been becoming a growing trend. Watch as Facebook’s Natalija Nails Despotovac shows how you can add the same intricate gold detailing easily onto any gel nail.

Materials you’ll need:


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Step 1. Prep nails as usual for colored UV gel.

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Step 2. Apply the color. Gently file the color to be matte.

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20140517 154922
Step 3. Draw the lines that look like spots or drops using the black gel and brush. Cure in UV lamp for 2 minutes.

20140517 161310
Step 4. Apply foil over the black drawings. Squeeze and pull the foil quickly. Apply a thin layer of builder gel. Cure in the UV lamp. Apply the gloss finish.

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Find Natalija’s work on Facebook:

[Images:  Natalija Nails Despotovac]

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