Nail Art Tutorial: Glittery Leopard Spot Nails

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Learn from Franziska Christensen of as she shows how to achieve these glittery leopard gel nails.

1. Prepare the nails and place the nail forms. Make sure there is no air between the form and the natural nail.


2. Apply bonder and one flat layer of builder gel, both at the nail plate and at the form, then cure.

3. Gently file and shape the extended nails and then carefully buff. Brush dust away and clean the nails.

4. Take the gold glitter mix (loose gold glitter powder mixed with clear builder gel), and place it on the entire nail in an even layer. Do one nail at a time and cure.

5. When done with all 10 nails, paint once again with the glitter mix, a few strokes in a thin layer, over the nails, to make sure everything is fully covered.

6. Take your dotting tool, and paint the leopard spots with black colored gel. Do one nail at a time, and cure while doing the next. The black gel can fade out a bit while staying too long uncured on the nails.

7. When done with leopard spots on all 10 nails, use clear builder gel on the entire nail, and build the apex.

8. Clean the nails and buff. If there are any small bumps, adjust them with the file and recreate the sharp lines. Make sure to get the sides, but don’t file down into the glitter.

9. Brush the dust away, and finish with top coat. Finished!

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[Images: Franziska Christensen]

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