Nail Art Tutorial: Floral Manicure

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Joey, Educator at Nacho & Dai Nail Tech Academy in China, explains how to do this pretty design.

Here’s what you’ll need.
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1 7Step 1: Apply the nail forms.

2 6Step 2: Use IBD gel to create the nail extention.

3 5Step 3: Apply two coats of nude gel polish color on the nails.

4 5Step 4: Apply the light cyan color to draw the outline.

5 4Step 5: Draw the grape’s shape.

6 3Step 6: Draw the daisy’s shape.

7 2Step 7: Continue filling in the details of the grape and daisy.

8 2Step 8: Add in white petals and add highlights.

9 0Step 9: Add darker colors as shading.

10 0Step 10: Apply top coat twice to finish and cure.

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