Nail Art Tutorial: Giraffe Spot Nails

Np1008 Cover

Get your clients excited for bright, cover-worthy safari nails! Nail artist Shanna Rix of Pro Files salon in Florida designed a bold giraffe-inspired pattern for our model; and she shows you how!

Step 1Step 1: Prep nails and add forms. Using clear acrylic, build out just the free edge of each nail.

Step 2Step 2: Next, use a sparkling rust-colored acrylic to shape “giraffe” spots on the nails, careful to leave some space between each one.

Step 3Step 3: With light gold glitter acrylic, pack in the spaces between the spots. Push down with the brush to make sure that the acrylic fills in the spaces without leaving air bubbles.

Step 4Step 4: Using an electric file to remove the built-up acrylic, file down the nails, leaving behind a beautiful pattern.

Step 5Step 5: Then use a hand file to refine the shape and length of the nails.

Step 6Step 6: Add top coat. Done!

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