Nail Art Tutorial: Brown And White Diamonds

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If your client is seeking a warm, geometric design, try replicating this manicure by celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik. Check out this tutorial. »

Step Painting Tip BrownStep 1: Paint nails brown. If you’re using tips, you can attach them to a file for more control.

Step Top Coat To Brown BkgStep 2: If you used acrylic paint on tips, apply top coat to make them shine. If you’re painting on natural nails with polish, continue to the next step.

Step Painting White On Brown BkgStep 3: Begin by painting a diamond design offset in the bottom right of the nail with polish or acrylic paint.

Step Painting WhiteStep 4: Paint long rectangles and diamonds in white as pictured. Go back with brown and redo the lines.

Step Top Coat On TipStep 5:  Add top coat. Done!

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