Nail Art Tutorial: Smoky Glitter Nails

Np1209 Cover Image11

These nails designed by Young Nails’ Greg Salo are the perfect mix of dark and glittery! See how the manicurist created this smoky look.

Step 2 Appy Glitter GelStep 1: Salo began by prepping the model’s nails and applying forms. Using black glittery acrylic, he sculpted a thin free edge.

Step 3 Shape Gel On FormStep 2: Before the acrylic dried completely, he used pinching tongs to create a C-curve.

Step 4 Clear GelStep 3: Next, Salo applied clear acrylic over the entire nail.

Step 5 EmbossingStep 4: Before the clear acrylic dried completely, Salo used a hollow tube to create circular indentations. Using a very wet ball of white acrylic, he filled in the circles.

Step 6 Electric FilingStep 5: Once dry, Salo used an electric file to remove the excess white acrylic, and followed with a hand file to smooth and refine the nail shape.

Step 7 Top CoatStep 6: Swipe with top coat, and done!

[These nails originally appeared on the cover of Nailpro 12/09.]

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