Nail Art How To: Foil Collage Nails

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When it comes to the holidays, it’s either go all-out with sparkle, or go home! For really shiny manicures, foil is a go-to tool that can have stunning results. See how Bonnie put all her colors together for this mixed metals effect.

Photo1 2 0Supplies needed:

  • Nail foil
  • Misa black polish
  • Sally Hansen black nail art pen
  • OPI Liquid Sand Can’t Let Go
  • OPI Absolutely Alice
  • Blue glitter
  • OPI Divine Swine
  • OPI Top Coat

Photo2 2
Step 1: To start, we have a set of Sqare’letto’s acrylics. Cut out square pieces of the foils approximately twice the size of the nails. Paint the nails with the black polish as your base.

Step 2
Step 2: Then let the nails dry a little but not fully. If you press the nail with your finger and it leaves a black mark then the polish is too wet. Let it dry a little more. Once its semi-dried, take a foil, press it onto the nail and peel it off. Switch to a different color and press onto the nail again leaving more colors on the nail. Peel foil off.

Photo5 2
Step 3: Repeat the foil technique using a different color silver foil and press on to the ring finger. Do the same on the other nails and thumb with different colors.

Photo2 1 0
Step 4: On the silver ring finger, paint the pink glitter (OPI Divine Swine) in a downwards stroke on the right side from the top to the  bottom of the nail.

Photo4 1 0
Step 5: Paint the blue glitter (OPI Absolutely Alice) in a downwards stroke in the middle of the nail from top to bottom over the silver foil. Then on the left side of the nail, paint using the purple (OPI Liquid Sand Can’t Let Go) in a downwards stoke from the top to the bottom of the nail.

Photo6 1 0
Step 6: Use the black Sally Hansen pen to draw a border on the pinky finger on the right hand. Then draw a smaller border shape in the middle.

Step 7: On the middle finger, draw a cross on the nail. Draw in a ribbon on top of it.

Photo1 0
Step 8: On the index finger, draw diagonal lines down the nail.

Photo2 0
Step 9: On the thumb, draw a ‘v’ shape from the top of the nail to the middle, then on the opposite side and from both sides. Then repeat same ‘v’ shape but smaller.

Step 10: Repeat the same patterns on the right hand and thumb. Finish with OPI Top Coat. Done!

[Courtesy of Bonnie Hon]

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