Nail Art How To: Sparkling Gold and Black

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Rightfully know as The Nail Boss, Phuong Luu‘s finished manicures are always phenomenal!  Get some pointers from the expert as he shows how to create these sparkling black and gold tips.

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Supplies needed:

  • French cutter
  • A very dull razor
  • Wire
  • Gold square glitter
  • Young Nails gold glitter acrylic
  • NAILITE black acrylic
  • OPI clear acrylic

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Step 1: Lay down a bead of gold glitter acrylic. With a very dull razor, slice the desired shape.

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Step 2: Fill the gap in with black acrylic. Cap with clear. Using the wire, press down to leave a thin gutter. Fill in the gutter with gold glitter acrylic.

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Step 3: The ring finger is created similarly. Lay down a bead of black acrylic and using a French cutter, cut the black into an upward curved shape. Add gold acrylic. Then repeat cutting with the gold acrylic. Add more black below.

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Step 4: Cap the ring finger with clear.


Step 5: For the middle finger, lay down a very thin layer of black acrylic. You can add more as you go to paste on square glitters in this pattern.


Step 6: Coat pinkies with just a layer of the gold. Make sure all nails are capped with clear. Done!


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[Courtesy of Phuong Luu]

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