Nail Art How To: Fall Floral French Nails


Nail Art How To: Fall Floral French Nails

For clients getting their nails done in time for Thanksgiving, create a bronze and black flowery French design! This awesome C-curve and artwork was created by Yvonne Retz for this month’s issue. Click through to see her tutorial on how it’s done.



Step 1: Prep the nail and apply a form.


Step 2: Apply primer. Then, sculpt the free edge with clear UV gel.


Step 3: Remove the form and extend the nail bed using cover pink gel.


Step 4: Paint a French nail with bronze gel.


Step 5: Add black gel along the smile line and blend down the nail into the bronze.


Step 6: Paint two petals with acrylic paint in white, bronze and black using a one-stroke painting technique.


Step 7: Repeat to add to more petals.


Step 8: Add accents and a grid pattern with black and white acrylic paint.


Step 9: File the nail. Then, apply a high gloss finish. Set a silver Swarovski stone in the center of the flower and cure.

[Courtesy of Yvonne Retz]

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