Nail Art How To: Multicolored Gelish Fall Manicure

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Have you tried out Gelish before, or do you use it in your salon? Inspired by these multicolored nails that have been endlessly repinned on Pinterest, “Gelish Geek” Ann decided to create her own spin on the simple but colorful look using her favorite medium. For the tutorial on selecting the right Gelish hues and applying the product to nails, click through to see each step.

Supplies Needed:

Gelish System:
Gelish PH Bond
Gelish Foundation
Gelish Top It Off
Gelish Cleanser
Gelish 18G LED Lamp

Polish Colors:
Gelish Simple Sheer
Gelish Fashion Week Chic
Gelish Double Shot Espresso
Gelish Plum & Done
Gelish Take Action
Gelish Orange Cream Dream
ENP Gella Lilly

• Cuticle Pusher
Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover
• Foundation Wipe-Off Brush
• Bamboo Stick (or orangewood stick)
• Nail Art Detail Brush
• Lint-Free Wipe
• Small piece of foil
• Nail art studs
• Nail tape
• Scissors

Gelish Geekery Step1Step 1:
• Prep the nail by removing the cuticle from the nail plate, pushing the cuticle back, and shaping the nail.
• To get the Goldenrod yellow hue, mix a tiny drop of Gelish Orange Cream Dream with ENP Gella Lilly on a small piece of foil. Set aside.
• If you’re using the Gelish system, finish prepping the nail by wiping the nails with Cleanser on the lint-free wipe, applying PH Bond, then Foundation. Once cured, wipe the tacky layer of Foundation off with a dry brush.
• Apply one coat of Gelish Simple Sheer and cure.

Gelish Geekery Step2Step 2:
• Wipe the tacky layer off the cured Simple Sheer with Cleanser on the lint-free wipe.
• Begin applying the color polish to the nails, stopping a quarter of the way from the cuticle and capping the free edge.
• Before curing, use the nail art detail brush to wipe away polish and create a straight line. Cure.
• Apply as many coats you need to achieve the desired opacity.

Gelish Geekery Step3Step 3:
• Wipe the tacky layer off the final cured polish layer with Cleanser on the lint-free wipe.
• Begin applying nail tape by sticking the tape to one side of the nail and pulling the tape across the nail. Cut the nail tape to fit the width of the nail.

Gelish Geekery Step4Step 4:
• Apply a thin layer of Top It Off to all nails and cure. Tip: If you’re having trouble with the ends of the tape unsticking and curling under the uncured Top It Off, try applying the Top It Off one nail at a time and flash cure after each nail (under the Gelish 18G LED lamp, flash cure for 5 seconds; under a UV lamp, try 20-30 seconds). Once you’ve flash cured all the nails, you can cure all of them for the full time.

Gelish Geekery Step5Step 5:
• Using the bamboo stick, dip the tip in the Foundation and start placing small dabs of Foundation on your nails where you want to put your nail studs. Foundation can be used as a great nail glue for studs!

Gelish Geekery Step6Step 6:
• Using the bamboo stick, carefully begin picking up your studs and placing them on top of the dabs of Foundation. Tip: A little extra Foundation on the tip of the bamboo stick will help you pick up studs.
• Once your studs are in place, cure.

Gelish Geekery Step7Step 7:
• Once all of your studs are cured, apply a coat of Top It Off to the whole nail and cure.
• For a little extra security, you can place a little bit more Top It Off over the studs and cure.
• Wipe the tacky layer off the final cured Top It Off layer with Cleanser on the lint-free wipe, and there you go! Finished!


Do you love Gelish as much as Ann does, or are you looking for inspiration? See her Instagram designs @gelishgeek or follow Ann’s latest designs on Gelish Geekery.

[Courtesy of Ann P.]

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