Nail Tech Reuses Practice Tips to Save Resources and Cut Costs

Recycle Nail TipsReduce, reuse, recycle. We hear these words at least once a week, as companies try to find ways to be “greener” while also lowering costs. One of the tenets of these Earth-saving techniques—reuse—is often overlooked. This is especially true in a salon environment where everything is individualized for the customer. Reducing and recycling may seem easiest, but there are ways to reuse some of the items that nail techs use in their day-to-day activities.

Nail technician Colleen Ramsey recently shared one of her ideas with us. She had been receiving more than a normal amount of emails and messages asking why she practices so much since it’s “a waste of product.” People also mentioned that if she didn’t practice nail art so much, she’d keep her costs down and save time. Ramsey says she believes that practice is important, and that she isn’t wasting her product or time.

She shares that she has developed a great system to save time and reuse her full well nail tips over and over again. Whenever she has some spare time, Ramsey says she works on a few nail tips. “I’m not wasting lots of product as I only do 2 to 3 tips at a time and I keep the layers super thin, just thick enough to cover the tip,” she explains. “It’s more for the effect and not strength or functionality.” Reusing nail tips makes it easy to practice French applications or to explore color-layering options.

With new nail art pens and other advancements coming out every year, nail art is easier than ever. “Doing nail art is fun now,” Ramsey says. “No more dragging the world out just to put it all away again, nobody complaining about smells, no fear of sunlight, no suitcase being dragged home. If I want to work on nail art at home, I just grab the tips, brushes, art pens and paints and go home.”

Helping the environment and practicing nail art? Sounds like a win-win situation. We know Colleen isn’t the only one with great green ideas. Share in the comments any of your money and Earth saving tips!

—Bekki Roth
Photo Credit: Colleen Ramsey

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