An In-Depth Look at Using E-Files in Your Salon

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Courtesy of Hilary Dawn Herrera

By Hilary Dawn Herrera

When discussing electric filing, or e-filing as we often call it, some feel great intimidation. Let us clear up some of those fears and give you e-filing knowledge to empower you in your career.

Hand Filing vs. E-Filing

First, let us discuss the differences and benefits of hand filing vs e-filing. Hand filing can provide a beautiful finish in your service. However, the costs to hand filing include physical fatigue, pain in the hands and wrists and the extra time it takes to use only a hand file. Using an e-file can greatly reduce the wear and tear on your body and facilitate a dramatic reduction in service time. A hand file usually ranges from five to seven inches, which can prove cumbersome when trying to work on the small space of the nail plate. This can result in a less precise manicure or even injury to the surrounding skin on the nail. Correct e-filing techniques allow you to choose bits according to the task at hand and vary in size, shape and grit so you can avoid unneeded damage and improve the quality of your finished results. E-files can vary and cause damage if used incorrectly, so next, let us explore some e-filing shopping tips and techniques.

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