Prioritize Cuticle Care This Winter With Classy Cuticles' Holiday Collection

Classy Cuticles' Holiday Collection features six holiday scented cuticle oils.
Classy Cuticles' Holiday Collection features six holiday scented cuticle oils.
Courtesy of Classy Cuticles

Cuticle care is of utmost importance during the cold, winter months! 

While you should be applying cuticle oil daily, year-round, the holiday season is the time to be prioritizing and emphasizing cuticle care to your clients. The best way to incentivize them to care for their cuticles? With fun holiday scents! 

Classy Cuticles has launched their Holiday Collection, which features six scents that will remind you of decking the halls and feasting on your favorite seasonal treats. 

  • Candy Cane: Candy Cane is the perfect blend of peppermint and rich vanilla! 
  • Christmas Wreath: Christmas Wreath is an aromatic blend of fresh forest trees and a sweet twist of cranberry. This scent is on the muskier side and is great for lovers of earthy smells, but also has a familiar sweetness from the Christmas cranberry.
  • Cranberry Wassail: Sweet cranberry is accompanied by bright citrus orange and spicy clove.
  • Apple Cider: Mimicking one of fall's best drinks, Apple Cider is full of sweet fruit and warm spices!
  • Harvest Spice: Harvest Spice is a combination of all your favorite fall spices. It will leave you craving cooler days, warm sweaters, and everything fall.
  • Pumpkin Pie: If you are a pumpkin lover this scent is for you! It is a true pumpkin pie scent, sweet and nutty, with a touch of vanilla.

Each of the cuticle oils are made with Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Sunflower oil and Vitamin E to help soothe, protect and hydrate cuticles. You can purchase each of the six scents in a 3 and 5ml roller bottles, 30 and 50ml desk bottles and a brush pen. 

The collection is available now on Classy Cuticle's website.

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