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Hi! I’m Deja Joseph (@dejauwo), a 22-year-old nail technician based in South Florida. I’ve loved art and expressing myself through my creativity since I was 11 years old, and drawing and painting have remained my passions ever since.

I was first introduced to the beautiful world of acrylic nail art in 2020, and I was hooked immediately. I watched YouTube videos of nail technicians, then moved on to practicing on myself. I became officially licensed in October 2020, and I love my job! Being a nail technician has provided me with a beautiful medium to create my art and amazing clients who love creativity just as much as I do.

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Goth-inspired nails by Deja JosephGoth-inspired nails by Deja Joseph1. Sweets & Desserts: I have a natural sweet tooth, so I’m obsessed with creating nail art that looks good enough to eat! I use little candy charms to create 3D ice cream cones and cookies. The nail set above was inspired by a vintage cake with whipped frosting!

2. Gothic Aesthetics: I’ve always loved darker and moodier nail sets. Decking out nails with metallic components, rhinestones, pearls and cute charms I happen to find at local craft stores is so enjoyable! 

3. Anime & Video Games: As a child, I played any video game I could get my hands on, and video game aesthetics have greatly inspired me throughout my artistic journey. Anime inspires a lot of my hand-painted nail art. My clients share my enthusiasm for anime, so it’s one of my most popular nail art requests!

4. Kawaii Aesthetics: I’m inspired by anything cute! Kawaii is the culture of cuteness in Japan. I get a ton of inspiration from charming Japanese and Korean nail art. I’m excited that the high-quality gel products from those regions have become more widely available in the U.S.

5. Pink and Black: I like the dynamism between vibrant pinks and edgy yet classy blacks. My two favorite colors are pink and black, and I use both frequently in my nail art. The combination offers endless opportunities to explore.

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