Daily Inspo: Nail Technician Adorea Rhodes

Nail technician Adorea Rhodes
Nail technician Adorea Rhodes
Courtesy of Adorea Rhodes

Nail technician Adorea Rhodes was a nail enthusiast even as a child. She remembers her father taking her to get her first set of acrylic nails when she was 12 years old, unbeknownst to her mother. “He had no idea what acrylic nails were, but he patiently waited in the car during the service and paid when the artist was finished. That's a fond memory I carry, because it sparked my interest of the nail process,” says Rhodes. “Seeing acrylics laid on my nails was fascinating, and I was never able to get it out of my mind. Years later, I decided to purchase a starter acrylic kit and figure out the process of laying acrylic, with that one appointment I had as a child as my only guidance.”

Rhodes credits YouTube for helping her learn nail designs and other social media platforms for opening her eyes to the possibility of choosing nails as a career. Rhodes completed nail school after high school, earning her license as an advanced manicurist. She's been dedicated to honing her craft ever since.

Read Nailpro's September/October 2022 digital magazine to learn more about Rhodes.

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