Save this Holographic Nail Design for a Rainy Day


Blurred lines, water droplets and reflective rainbows converge on this rainy set of tips.



Step 1. Apply two coats of black gel polish, curing only after the first coat. Place various sizes and colors of holographic glitter circles on the bottom half of
the nail.

Step 2. Apply one to two coats of no-wipe gel top coat for a smooth finish. Apply white pearl chrome pigment over the entire nail with an eye shadow applicator or silicone nail art tool.

Step 3. Seal with no-wipe matte gel top coat. Then, use small and large dotting tools to add “raindrops” to the nail with no-wipe gel top coat. TIP! Repeat this process for the raindrops to appear more three-dimensional.

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Step 1. Apply two coats of black gel polish. Then, top with no-wipe matte gel top coat.

Step 2. Apply glossy no-wipe gel top coat to the bottom of the nail. Do not cure. Use a medium-length micro-detail liner brush to drag thin strokes of the wet gel top coat up the nail toward the cuticle area, grabbing a bit more top coat on your brush with each stroke.

Step 3. Apply white pearl chrome pigment with an eye shadow applicator or silicone nail art tool to the design, and dust off the excess. Finish with no-wipe gel top coat over the chrome design only.

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*Cure after every gel application unless otherwise noted.


Guest Artist: Alecia Mounixay is a nail artist based in Wilmington, North Carolina.

“The dark, moody feeling you get when it’s raining inspired me, along with shadowed mist and reflective raindrops, when everything we typically see appears distorted,” says Alecia Mounixay.

–by Angelina Lewis


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[Images: Courtesy of Armando Sanchez; Brooks Ayola; Getty Images]

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