Nailspiration: Pink Nail Art Tutorials

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Embrace your inner romantic with shades of pink. To get create inspiration, we enlisted the help of nailpro and mani maven, Bana Jarjour, aka @banicured_ on social. “I was inspired by the delicate femininity of rosy hues that flatter every skin tone,” she said.

Follow the steps below to learn three monochromatic nail art designs.

Dry Brush Technique

pink nail art

1. Apply two coats of pink polish. Use a dry brush to create rough brush marks at the edges of the nail with mauve polish.

pink nail art

2. Go over the same spots with a dry brush and rose gold polish.

pink nail art

3. Next, go over the same spots with a dry brush and the same pink polish used in Step 1.

pink nail art

4. Apply top coat. Then, use nail glue to adhere three gold caviar beads randomly to each spot.

Woven Nail Art 

pink nail art

1.  Apply two coats of nude polish. Use a striping brush to paint three squares down the center of the nail with mauve polish. Be sure to make the horizontal lines of each square slightly longer than the vertical lines.

pink nail art

2. Fill in the rest of the nail with a similar square pattern, connecting the lines to create one united design.

pink nail art

3. Use a detail brush to fill in the small squares in the design with mauve polish. Finish with top coat.

Champagne Campaign

pink nail art

1. Apply two coats of mauve polish. Use a detail brush to paint two vertical lines tilted toward the center of the nail in white polish. Then, widen the top third of each line, creating two champagne glasses.

pink nail art

2. Paint each glass with yellow polish, leaving a triangle of white space at the top.

pink nail art

3. Use a detail brush to paint a thin line on the inside edge of each glass with light brown polish, then outline with white polish. Next, paint small “bubbles” with light brown polish. Finish with top coat.

NAILSPIRATION Banicured Headshot Bana Jarjour is a Los Angeles-based nail artist and creator of the @banicured_  Instagram and corresponding YouTube channel.

Which one of these looks will you recreate first? Let us know in the comments below!

[Images: Cory Sorensen, Bana Jarjour]


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