Nail Art Tutorial: Beginner Sculpted Bows

Bow Step5

Nail Art Tutorial: Beginner Sculpted Bows

Simple bows are ideal embellishments for salon clients! Sam Biddle shows how to make these dainty bows yourself using acrylic.

Bow Step11. Place a small bead of black acrylic on the form and pull it into a point with the tip of your brush. Press and flatten the bow edges.

Bow Step22. Place another bead in the center of the bow, and drag some of the acrylic to make the ribbon.

Bow Step33. Use polish to paint small dots over the bow.

Bow Step44. Attach the bow to the surface of the nail with a gel topcoat (or resin) before you cure.

Tip: Pre-make these embellishments in different sizes and have them ready to enhance your in-salon designs.

[Images: Sam Biddle]

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