Nail Tips to Inspire Breast Cancer Awareness



Pretty in Pink

Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate—an unfortunate reality that moved Largo, Florida-based nail artist Devin Strebler to create this bold set in order to spread awareness. “Breast cancer doesn’t take age, gender, race, ethnicity or a healthy lifestyle into consideration; it attacks all shapes and sizes,” she says. “About 85 percent of breast cancers happen in women with no family history of the disease.”


Step 1. Prep the nail. Apply two coats of light pink gel polish.

Step 2. Use black art gel and a detail brush to paint two hook shapes. Add details and lines underneath the hooks.

Step 3. Paint a circle inside each hook using black art gel, and add a smaller circle inside. Finish with matte gel top coat.


Step 1. Create two large spheres with 3-D gel, and place them on the top third of the nail.

Step 2. Sculpt two tiny spheres of 3-D gel and place them onto the center of the larger spheres. Sculpt a torso below the spheres.

Step 3. Paint the bottom half of the spheres and nail with two coats of hot pink gel polish. Paint the top half of the spheres with nude gel polish.

Step 4. Paint lace details on the corset with black gel paint. Add two coats of pink glitter gel to the remainder of the nail. Finish with matte gel top coat over the body and shiny gel top coat over the glitter.


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–by Karie L. Frost


[Images: Courtesy of Armando Sanchez; Unsplash]

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